In the pages of my coffee journey, there was a time when the love for coffee was a mere whisper. Blame it on the subtle scent of instant coffee clinging to the breath of parents and nans during my childhood. The coffee affair began in 2009, cloaked in the indulgence of a 'caramel latte' from an unnamed chain. It wasn't coffee; it was caramel in a coffee disguise.


As time unfolded, so did my exploration. From syrup-laden espresso drinks to the enigmatic allure of black coffee, each sip was a step into the unknown world of specialty coffee.


Fast forward to the enchanting year of 2018, where a nerve-jangling marriage proposal day unfolded in the heart of Jamaica. A 10-hour odyssey to the Blue Mountains, adorned with a stop at the mystical James Dennis Coffee farm. Nerves mingled with the bulge in my pocket & the weight of an engagement ring, all against the backdrop of exploring the less-travelled corners of Jamaica.


The stage for the proposal was set on a coffee farm owned by Rastafarians, a place that would become the birthplace of my roasting dreams. As coffee cherries dangled from trees, and we hesitantly tasted one (not a gustatory delight, I confess), the owner enchanted us with the alchemy of turning a humble cherry into the elixir we adore – the coffee bean.


In that rustic setting, amidst the dance of flames and the fragrance of transformation, my vision crystallised. The coffee farm wasn't just a picturesque backdrop for a proposal; it was the inspiration that germinated the seed of my own roasting business.


The owner wove tales of farming practices, how the climate and soil collaborated to craft the symphony of flavours. That roasting session, with beans twirling in a cast-iron pot over a wood-burning fire, left an indelible mark. The cup that followed, perhaps leaning towards the over-roasted spectrum of today's refined tastes, was a melody played moments after proposing to my now-fiancée. It wasn't just coffee; it was a revelation.


Life's journey took a turn from a caramel latte indulgence to roasting our own beans sourced from around the world. The James Dennis Coffee farm wasn't just a stop; it was the inception point of a dream. It's a testament that life's serendipitous twists can plant seeds that grow into flourishing realities.

Thank you for being a part of Frank Coffee. Together, we can elevate coffee, sustain our planet, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of coffee producers.